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Rebekah Bell Press Quotes

“REBEKAH BELL/To Watch Over Me: When a thrush wants to bring some special sauce to the classic jazz diva mix, we've got our ears open. A secondary music education teacher as opposed to the usual college level educator, part of Bell's appeal is you can tell she wants to sing for grown ups for a change. Seeding her sound with a Norah Jones/cabaret vibe, she mixes up the times and tides on her set card (and happily for us avoids giving us another rendition of "Nature Boy") turning it all into Duke Ellington's fave kind of music (good). With upmarket cocktail hour sophistication as her guide, this set has a lot on the ball and is sure to have her students saying they knew her when for many years to come. Well done.”
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Received this nice CD. Great voice and excellent backing! All tracks are strong and I like it! Will be used in my Playlists for months to come. Thank you for sending me this music!

Peter Kuller - Jazz Presenter, Radio Adelaide – Australia 

The sultry, raspy voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Holly Cole, and Nancy Wilson captivated Bell since childhood. One can hear how their feminine, sassy depth influenced Bell’s style in her album, To Watch Over Me. 
Krystle Alarcon, Yukon News

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